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JeeHell EXT PWR by GSX – Update Version 7

v7 of my LUA script is out now. Thanks to Peter Fuss who did a lot of testing and found some major bugs.
Now we are really stable, each announcement comes correct, boarding the correct amount of pax work e.g.

Makes fun flying with it!

v7 01.12.2018

  • [FEATURE] Added chapter „Troubleshooting“ to the manual
  • [FEATURE] Use CTRL+C to switch off the ICA Sounds (message appear)
  • [BUGFIX] Random Passengers for GSX v2 did not work randomly
  • [BUGFIX] When Catering & Boarding selected the Catering doors are to late
  • [BUGFIX] When Catering & Boarding selected the cargo door are too soon
  • [BUGFIX] When Catering & Boarding selected the catering was not called at any time
  • [BUGFIX] Deboarding does not close the CARGO Doors
  • [CHANGED] Climb Announcment will be played based on altitude difference to the departing airport (avoid playing the sound when starting at high altitude locations)
  • [CHANGED] Main Exit is opening when Jetway has been connected
  • [CHANGED] Deboarding Sound will be played when Jetway has been connected
  • [CHANGED] Safety Sound will be skipped if GS is higher then 30 kts within 8 seconds (to avoid sound when starting directly from runway)
  • [CHANGED] Descent Sound will be played once 3000 ft below highest altitude