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pero | SimBrief2ATCAPI

What is it?

This Tool fetches the Arrival and Departure Runway from SimBrief
and export this information to ATCAPI.


  • Read latest SimBrief OFP
  • Export data to ATCAPI
  • Autorun (just start it and no clicks required)

Release Notes

23.02.2021 v0.1
    - Initial Release

27.01.2024 v0.2
    - Converted to .NET 8.0
    - Backup initial config.xml on first time startup


  • .NET 8.0
  • ATCAPI (https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/589642-new-atc-and-airport-operations-application-testing/)


  • Copy the content of the .ZIP file into your ATCAPI folder
  • Start “peroSimBrief2ATCAPI.exe”
  • Set your SimBrief Username into the requried filed. Export at least one time to store your data.


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