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Aerosoft SIMstarter NG is awarded an overall Mutley’s Hangar core of 8.9/10, with a “Highly Recommended” and a Mutley’s Hangar Silver Award.

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Customer Feedback

I am very happy about the great feedback about SIMstarter NG of the community so far. I want to share some of them:

Gabe777: “Best thing since sliced breaf. Wish I’d had this for the last 10 years.” (AS Forum)

Vortac12: “[…] In all, so far this is the best $15 USD I have spent on a FSX add on. […]” (Private Message)

kyhm: “[…] The more I use SIMstarter NG the more I appreciate it’s value. […]” (AS Forum)

dom8984: “[…] Just purchased SIMStarter – first impressions are that I’m impressed. […] (AS Forum)

Kurt Wallat: “Tolles Tool, das hilft, alle Addon-Flugzeuge und Szenerien individuell zu steuern und den FSX zu konfigurieren. […]” (simMarket)

Hannes: “[…] I think you hit the nail with ST NG. […]”
(AS Forum)

urnair: “[…] Ich werde dich und SIMstarter NG sehr gerne weiterempfehlen… […]” (AS Forum)

Martin99: “[…] habe den SimStarter nun installiert, konfiguriert und bin begeistert. […]” (AS Forum)

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