This software can be used to create, edit or remove Company and Pilot Routes for JeeHell FMGS.

Main features:

  • Create, modify or delete routes
  • Manage CORTE and PILRTE
  • Import flight plans in IVAO, VATSIM or Flight Sim Commander format
  • Import Route String from Clipboard
  • Validate Routes with current AIRAC
  • Force FMGSserver / WideFMGS to reload corte.xml when running


  • JeeHell FMGS B49 or higher
  • Level-D 767 AIRAC
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5


Please make sure that you click „Validate all Routes“ in the main GUI after installing a new AIRAC. AIRAC changes can cause changing of Airways / Waypoints. This can cause trouble with FMGS.

24.12.2017: To force a running FMGSserver / WideFMGS reloading the corte.xml make sure that FMGSserver or WideFMGS and corteManager4JH are running with the same user privileges. To use this function you need B49.1 or higher.

02.01.2018: „Don’t save“ setting has been changed from „SID/STAR“ to „DEPARTURE/ARRIVAL“. If you use this setting please open „Settings“ and set it again.