Universal Homecockpit

Here are the first pictures from „Daddy’s home cockpit“. So that the equipment is not permanently on the desk, I have built a small multi HomeCockpit. With the MCP and the software project „LINDA“ you can use almost any add-on aircraft. With the two handles on the side, I can lift the equipment whenever the desk is needed for non-flying. At the rear I only have a power cable and a USB port for easy „plug and play“.


  • VRinsight MCP Combo Panel
  • Saitek Yoke und Pedale
  • Arcaze USB-Boards (Joystick Inputs and LED Outputs)



27. November 2017
[fruitful_dbox]Verkauft![/fruitful_dbox] Aufgrund meines Airbusprojektes habe ich mich mit einem weinenden Auge entschieden, mein Universalcockpit zu verkaufen. Ich habe es vor einigen Jahren selbst gebaut und es hat mehr stets treue…
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