17 Okt

SIMstarter v2.7 build 00 release – P3Dv3 compatible!

It look a long while. There was a beautiful summer, new job and so on. But the time has come to present v2.7 of SIMstarter. I did a lot of improvements especially to the SceneryManager. But find it out yourself:

[FEATURE] P3Dv3 – Compatible with P3Dv2.4, 2.5 and 3.0
[FEATURE] SceneryManager – New SceneryManager with a lot of improvements
[FEATURE] SceneryManager – Overview of all ScenerySets
[FEATURE] SceneryManager – Groups (Spacers) available to easy activate or deactivate a group of Sceneries
[FEATURE] SceneryManager – Add, Delete and edit Sceneries from Scenery.cfg
[FEATURE] SceneryManager – Change Scenery order (with more than one selected Scenery)
[FEATURE] SceneryManager – Insert Scenery at the selected cursor position
[FEATURE] SceneryManager – Drag and Drop Scenery folders from outside (to easy add them)
[FEATURE] ORBX Settings Tab – Auto select ORBX Region without using FTX Central 2 (THANKS to Michael!)
[FEATURE] StartManager – Programs can be set to pause to allow waiting for 3rd party programs
[CHANGED] Settings – FTXcentral Reminder removed. Can be handled in ORBX Tab of each profile
[CHANGED] Startup – ORBX Region switch will be done after scenery.cfg handling
[BUGFIX] Jumpstart – Misplacing of southern latitude locations (THANKS to Ken!)
[BUGFIX] Profiles – Realism > Autorudder to AutoTRIM renamed (THANKS to Rainer!)