13 Dez

SIMstarter Version 2.5.01 released!

A lot of work has been done for this new version. My X-Mas present! ;O)

Please notice that you have to run „SIMstarter Migration Tool.exe“ after updating to Version 2.5.01 because the logic of the StartManager has been changed. ;O)

  •  Features
    • StartManager
      • Dedicated StartManager to create RunSets which can be assigned to multiple SIMstarter profiles
      • Define WindowMode for every application
      • Modify existing programs or file operations in RunSet
      • Define process priority
    • JumpStart
      • Added „Override starting position“ to select your individual starting position before starting the SIM
    • General
      • Added FTX Central Reminder to switch your FTX Region (Program settings…)
  • Bugfixes
    • General
      • CTD if SIMstarter had not been started with Admin-Rights
    • JumpStart
      • Some aircrafts where not loaded correctly
    • LiveryManager
      • Several bugfixes which causes LiveryManager CTD
    • Profile Configuration
      • CTD if ChangeTime=0


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