05 Apr

JeeHell EXT PWR by GSX — Version 9.12 out now!

The LandingRateMonitor got a new update with new features. The GUI has been improved as well for easy sorting. The „Top“ Button shows your Top5 Departure and Arrival Destinations.

Note: The landing time / Flight Duration is missing for your past flights. Will be shown at new flights (with the new script).

Release Notes:

  • [FEATURE] Landing Rate Monitor – „Time Landing“ added
    • „Flight duration (air) / (total)“ added
    • „Total Air/Block time“ added
    • Date columns are sortable
    • „TOP“ Button shows top 5 Departure / Arrival airports
  • [FEATURE] Starting „peroJeeHellExtPWRbyGSX.exe /monitor“ opens the Landing-Rate-Monitor only

Download here….