JeeHell EXT PWR by GSX


This is a LUA Script for FSX and P3D which works with FSDT Ground Services X (GSX)
and JeeHell FMGS. If you don’t use both of them this script is useless for you.

The Script detects if GSX is in BOARDING, DEBOARDING, CATERING or REFUELING process (must be started by user ) and set the „EXT PWR“ LED in the overhead to „AVAIL“. Pressing the Button force the „EXT PWR“ to „ON“.

If the GSX Pushback is requested, the script disconnects „EXT PWR“.
(make sure APU or Engines are running before ELEC EXT PWR is disconnected)

Since version 3 it’s able to trigger the BOARDING/DEBOARDING when the aircraft is
on ground, both engines are off and parking brakes are set. If you’ve reached your
destination and want to start boarding again please set Parking Brake OFF-ON-OFF to
trigger the script again. :O)

With version 4 this script is able to toggle the Default Jetways if the main door left
opens or closes. This does not work with SODE Doors. Note: Default Jetways can only be toggled. The state of Jetways can’t be detected by the script.

Note: Not all dialogs can be reached by the script because there is no GSX SDK
available at the moment.


  • Microsoft FSX or PREPAR3D v1-v4 must be installed
  • JeeHell FMGS FSUIPC Module must be installed
  • FSDT Ground Services X must be installed
  • FSUIPC must be installed
  • My LUA Script must be installed


  1. Copy „peroJeeHellExtPWRbyGSX.lua“ to „<YOUR SIM>\modules\peroJeeHellExtPWRbyGSX.lua“
  2. Edit/Create „<YOUR SIM>\modules\ipcReady.lua“ and add a line:
    ipc.macro("Lua peroJeeHellExtPWRbyGSX")
  3. Make sure that your GSX Dialog comes up with STRG+SHIFT+W. Otherwise please change this setting in „peroJeeHellExtPWRbyGSX.lua“
  4. Done. Start the Sim. If you see this message window (after Sim has loaded) the script is ready for operation



Release Notes

  • v5 30.06.2018
    [BUGFIX] Standard Jetways will be toggled when not at gate (Shift Message in Sim)
    [BUGFIX] EXT PWR AVAIL comes up sometimes if aircraft not at the gate
  • v4 10.05.2018
    [FEATURE] Standard Jetways will be toggled together with Main Left Door (does not work with SODE Doors)
    [CHANGED] General improvements
  • v3 01.05.2018
    [FEATURE] Automation of intial triggering BOARDING and DEBOARDING via keypress
    [FEATURE] Logging added
  • v2 20.04.2018
    [FEATURE] Door handling added
    [BUGFIX] showMessage did not work
  • v1 05.04.2018
    Initial Version