25 Jan

JeeHell EXT PWR by GSX — Version 9.11 out now!

v9.11.24 25.01.2020
Configuration Tool updated – Please open and Save your configuration again!

  • [FEATURE] Trigger STOW RAT when script is running
  • [CHANGED] Icing changed to value from Active Sky
  • [CHANGED] Icing Warning comes up very 2 minutes if non of the Anti Icing Systems are switched on
  • [CHANGED] Once Icing is detected it stays at least 10 Minutes
  • [CHANGED] Clear JeeHell Offset „Backlight“ Bit 0 to avoid GSX is running before Aircraft loading completed
  • [CHANGED] PNF Callout „Thrust set“ plays if N1 and N2 > 80%
  • [CHANGED] Enhanced logging for Sound play
  • [BUGFIX] Fix Jetway Issues with Just Sim EDDL v2
  • [BUGFIX] Landing Report does not appear if „Cabin Sound“ was OFF
  • [BUGFIX] No Cabin Sounds after first leg if no deboarding has been triggered

Please find the new download on my website