03 Sep

SIMstarter Version 2.3 released!


SIMstarter has the option to manage FSX und PREPAR3D profiles. In addition a lot of tools and improvements have been included in this new version. To point out major changes:

  • XML-Manager to enable or disable Addons in DLL.XML and EXE.XML
  • Compatible with PREPAR3D v2.3 and FSX
  • JumpStart to combine a profile with a saved flight, select date and time > fly…
  • Masterprofile logic: Create a Masterprofile once and based on that variations in other profiles are much easier to define.
  • Diff-Manager: It discovers changes which have been done to your fsx.cfg / prepar3d.cfg by other programs
  • GoogleEarth Export: Shows all your AddOn Scenery’s in Google Earth
  • and many more…

I decided to present SIMstarter as a Freeware with the option to do a donation. Since I invested a lot of time it would be great if you donate for my project (at the menubar in SIMstarter).

Thanks to all my beta testers who helped making SIMstarter such a great tool. Special thanks to Günter Steiner and Jürgen Beisler.

New Version can be found at my Softwareprojects