This little tool is a simple „key-press“ tool which can be used with PC Mouse Click. The need came from TEAMSPEAK 3 which is asking for a „Push-to-Talk“ Key. On my Windows Tablet there is no such key and using the virtual keyboard is no real solution.

I needed a overlaying – easy to use – tool which is born with this.

peroPUSH2TALK Button Example
This software is freeware and comes with no warrenty nor support.


Just copy the „peroPUSH2TALK.exe“ file in a folder and start it. After the first start it creates an .ini file which can be customized then.

How to use it?

Simply start the tool. Clicking the „Off“ Button will turn the button to green and „Send“.

Once the button is green the assigned key is pressed for the configured interval. To stop pressing the key click „Send“ and the button is turning to „Off“ and the keypress has stopped


After starting the .exe once there is an „peroPUSH2TALK.ini“ file with the following options:

keypress={CAPSLOCK}                     > defines they key that should be pressed. See
keypressInterval=100                    > defines the interval for the keypress (pressing the key every x milliseconds)
alwaysOnTop=True                        > defines if the application should be always On Top of every application

Release Notes

  • 06.01.2019 – v1
    • Initial Release