28 Sep

SIMstarter – Roadmap (02.10.2015)

Maybe it’s a good idea to let you know what is planned in future to improve SIMstarter. This is not my home job, it’s just a hobby so please don’t be afraid if announcements are changing or timeline won’t be hit.

Vielleicht ist es eine gute Idee, Euch wissen zu lassen, welche Verbesserungen für die folgenden Versionen angestrebt werden. Da dies allerdings nicht mein Hauptjob ist, bitte ich um Verständnis, wenn ich Ankündigungen ändere oder sich Termine verschieben.

Version 2.7 build 01 (released soon)

  • Features
    • PREPAR3D v3 compatible
    • SceneryManager – New SceneryManager with a lot of improvements
    • SceneryManager – Overview of all ScenerySets
    • SceneryManager – Groups (Spacers) available to easy activate or deactivate a group of Sceneries
    • SceneryManager – Add, Delete and edit Sceneries from Scenery.cfg
    • SceneryManager – Change Scenery order (with more than one selected Scenery)
    • SceneryManager – Insert Scenery at the selected cursor position
    • SceneryManager – Drag and Drop Scenery folders from outside (to easy add them)
    • ORBX Settings Tab – Auto select ORBX Region without using FTX Central 2 (THANKS to Michael!)
    • StartManager – Programs can be set to pause to allow waiting for 3rd party programs
  •  Bugfixes
    • Jumpstart – Misplacing of southern latitude locations (THANKS to Ken!)
    • Profiles – Realism > Autorudder to AutoTRIM renamed (THANKS to Rainer!)
  •  Changes
    • Settings – FTXcentral Reminder removed. Can be handled in ORBX Tab of each profile
    • Startup – ORBX Region switch will be done after scenery.cfg handling


Planned in future

  • Using more than 9 profiles

Under investigation

  • PREPAR3D v3 :O)