05 Jan

FSXstarter – Problems installing other programs (e.g. IvAP)


Some users of FSXstarter told me, that they have problems after installing IvAP or UT2 because these programs did not work properly. For example IvAP adds the following line to your fsx.cfg:



[Edit 24.03.2014]: Use SIMstarter. SIMstarter uses Diff Manager to get aware of changes from other programs.


Please keep in mind: Every new config change made to fsx.cfg bei any other application or an installer will be overwritten by your FSXstarter profile. So far, that works as designed!

Therefore the best way to check if any program did change the fsx.cfg is to compare fsx.cfg with your profiles. You’ll find your profile files in subdirectory „Userfiles“ and they are named „profile0X_fsx.cfg“. If you have started a profile already prior to check if there are changes to fsx.cfg after an third party installer, don’t worry. Just check your „Backup“ Directory by clicking „Settings > Open… > Backup directory“, select your latest backup after your installation and compare it…

To compare files you can use for example one of these programs:

Developer note

I personally use WinMerge to check if any programs perform changes to my config. So I would like to be the master of my config files. Therefore I really like that changes to fsx.cfg will be overwritten by FSXstarter to keep your configuration clean and smart as it was…