27 Jan

JeeHell EXT PWR by GSX – Version 9.2 out now!

This version brings some smaller bugfixes and changes on the refueling process. New version can be found here!

https://aviation.pero-online.de > Freeware > JeeHell EXT PWR by GSX

Please read the manual before updating or installing the first time. 
This version needs GSX L2 and P3Dv4 because there a special features that are only included in FSUIPC5 and GSX L2!

  • [FEATURE] Refueling moment can be selected from „with“, „before“ or „after“ Boarding starts
  • [CHANGED] Safety announcement starts either
    • a) if „Welcome“ has taken place and the adjustable timer has passed (in Config Tool) and aircraft is not rolling
    • b) aircraft is rolling > 2 kts and < 30 kts [CHANGED] „Enable GSX automation in general“ can’t be set of „Off“ if CPDLC AOC Client is „On“
  • [BUGFIX] „BOARDING START *“ even if GSX is disabled
  • [BUGFIX] Logging logs every second.