13 Jan

JeeHell EXT PWR by GSX – Version 9 out now!

It is released now! If you are interested for the JeeHell MCDU Integration you need to update/install BETA v19 of the CPDLC AOC-Client of Christoph Paulus (www.dalpi.de).

https://aviation.pero-online.de > Freeware > JeeHell EXT PWR by GSX

Please read the manual before updating or installing the first time. 
This version needs GSX L2 and P3Dv4 because there a special features that are only included in FSUIPC5 and GSX L2!

  • [FEATURE] MCDU Integration with CPDLC AOC Client
  • [FEATURE] GSX Menu is now answered „very fast“ by reading it
  • [FEATURE] Added Key combination to toggle PNF announcements
  • [FEATURE] Taxi Music can be selected to use your own sound file
  • [FEATURE] F1 – F23 are possible for key combination
  • [FEATURE] Landing Rate Monitor creates a Logfile
  • [CHANGED] Taxi Music starts after Boarding completed
  • [BUGFIX] „Requesting fuel“ does not work in special cases
  • [BUGFIX] Sound stops very strange
  • [BUGFIX] Loop if only one SoundPack is selected
  • [BUGFIX] Configtool crashes if no [Sounds] found in FSUIPC.ini
  • [BUGFIX] Others…

I am working that this version is compatible to FSX as well but this needs some conversations to Pete Dawson.