29 Dez

SIMstarter NG v1.4 available!


Just a  small X-Mas „gift“ from my side. The new version 1.4.1 is availible now. Just start SIMstarter NG and the update dialog comes up.

To get this version you must have installed version 1.4.0. If not, please download the latest version from your download shop of your purchase.



Ein kleines „Weihnachtspräsent“ von meiner Seite. Die neue Version 1.4.1 ist nun verfügbar und wird mittels integriertem Updateprogramm installiert. Also, einfach SIMstarter NG starten, dass Update wird angeboten und installieren.

Es muss Version 1.4.0 installiert sein. Sollte dies nicht der Fall sein, bitte die letzte Version aus dem Download Shop, bei dem Ihr SIMstarter NG gekauft habt, herunterladen.

Release notes

--- 20.12.2016 - v1.4.1
[FEATURE]       Profiles        - Select controler configuration file via Dropdown (Extended Profile Settings > Other Options)
[FEATURE]       Tools           - "Clear Facilities/Scenery Indexes" function implemented to delete %ProgData%\%SIM%\Facilities and .\SceneryIndexes
[CHANGED]       SceneryMGR      - Dialog stores the last selected scenery path for easier adding multiple parts of a scenery
[BUGFIX]        DLL/EXE.XML     - Malformated XML Files does not crash SIMstarter NG at program startup
[BUGFIX]        GoogleEarth     - Exclude Path/ICAO are reset to default (not saving custom settings)
[BUGFIX]        DebugPack       - ProgData\DLL.XML and EXE.XML are included
[BUGFIX]        GoogleEarth     - Export path settings can't be set to a different location then default
[BUGFIX]        Program         - In some cases SIMstarter NG does not load settings template in the right way