25 Apr

SIMconfigBackup 2.0 ready!

SIMconfigBackup_LogoVersion 2.0 of a very important tool has been released! Creating backups of your most important configuration files was never that easy! ;O)

The new Version has the ability to do a „save copy“ as well. For instance to copy a Hotfix of P3Dv2 you can easily backup the destination files first.

But see it your self…

>>> DOWNLOAD <<<

25 Apr

SIMstarter 2.6 build 03 released!

It tooks some days longer, but please find the new version with following advantages:

[ADDED] StartManager – Filename can be choosen at copy and rename
[BUGFIX] GoogleEarth Export – „Google Earth not found“
[BUGFIX] GoogleEarth Export – METAR and better formating
[FEATURE] SceneryManager – Added function to disable or enable a complete SceneryGroup by clicking to the Group name (ScenerySpacer). You need to delete older ScenerySpacer that are made prior this SW Version.
[BUGFIX] GENERAL – Desktop shortcuts do not work


03 Apr

Uservideo von Kosta

Ein SIMstarter User war so freundlich und hat ein Nutzervideo auf deutsch erstellt. Ich finde das Video sehr gelungen – ich hätte es selbst wohl nicht besser machen können… ;O)