30 Sep

SIMconfigBackup updated to version 1.1.02

Because of the release of PREPAR3D I decided to add the SIMconnect.ini, SIMconnect.cfg and SIMconnect.xml to my default PREPAR3Dv2 BackupSet.

But: It just shows the files if they are availible. If not they will not marked as source. ;O)

CHANGE 30.09.2014: Bugfix, see change log…

07 Sep

New support forum / Neues Supportforum

Tom Allensworth, Founder and CIO of AVSIM, has given me the great opportunity to get own forum on forum.avsim.net. This important step makes it easier for me to involve your important feedback to the further development of my freeware projects. You will find the link in the main menu „Support„.

For that reason I closed all comments. Feel free to continue the discussion on my support forum…

Tom Allensworth, der Gründer und CIO von AVSIM, hat mir die Möglichkeit gegen, ein eigene Foren auf forum.avsim.net einzurichten. Dieser Schritt macht es mir für die Zukunft noch leichter Euer Feedback optimal in die Weiterentwicklung meiner Freeware fließen zu lassen. Den Link findet Ihr über die Menüleiste „Support„.

Aus diesem Grund habe ich auch die Kommentarfunktion deaktiviert. Ich würde mich freuen, wenn Ihr das Forum aktiv nutzt.

04 Sep

SIMconfigBackup v1.0 released!

SIMconfigBackup_LogoI am very happy to annouce the release of SIMconfigBackup. A small tool to easily and fast create backups of the important configuration files of your simulator.

Native support of FS9, FSX, P3Dv1 and P3Dv2.

Download can be found in Softwareprojects… ;O)

03 Sep

SIMstarter Version 2.3 released!


SIMstarter has the option to manage FSX und PREPAR3D profiles. In addition a lot of tools and improvements have been included in this new version. To point out major changes:

  • XML-Manager to enable or disable Addons in DLL.XML and EXE.XML
  • Compatible with PREPAR3D v2.3 and FSX
  • JumpStart to combine a profile with a saved flight, select date and time > fly…
  • Masterprofile logic: Create a Masterprofile once and based on that variations in other profiles are much easier to define.
  • Diff-Manager: It discovers changes which have been done to your fsx.cfg / prepar3d.cfg by other programs
  • GoogleEarth Export: Shows all your AddOn Scenery’s in Google Earth
  • and many more…

I decided to present SIMstarter as a Freeware with the option to do a donation. Since I invested a lot of time it would be great if you donate for my project (at the menubar in SIMstarter).

Thanks to all my beta testers who helped making SIMstarter such a great tool. Special thanks to Günter Steiner and Jürgen Beisler.

New Version can be found at my Softwareprojects