22 Dez

Tools of choice – inside the sim

I am using some powerful tools in my A320 Cockpit and what to share them with you. This will not contain Scenery Add-Ons as they belong to personal flavour.

ToolDescriptionFreeware/ Payware
Real Time FlightAdjusting the local time to the real local timeFreeware
Time Zone FixerFix local time zones for P3DPayware
Ultimate Traffic LiveTraffic Addon for Live TrafficPayware
HotKeyNetTransfer Key-Presses from PC to PCFreeware
CPDLC AOCCPDLC Software for JeeHellFreeware
Pro-ATC-XATC software for offline flightsPayware
FS-FlightscontrolPowerful „Instructor Station“Payware
FS Raas 2.0Raas is running on my main PC and provide RAAS CalloutsFreeware
corteManager4JHMy tool to import Company Routes to JeeHell FMGSFreeware
JeeHell EXT PWR by GSXSoftware to access GSX withing JeeHell FMGSFreeware
JeeHell Packflow to ArduinoSoftware to manage external Fan in HomecockpitFreeware
FFTF DynamicImprove FPS on Ground by adjusting the FiberFrameFrictionPayware
Active Sky / Cloud ArtBest weather tool everPayware
FSUIPC5 / WideFSMust have for Cockpit BuildersPayware
MobiflightTo run addition IO-BoardsFreeware
PFPX 2.0Flight PlanningPayware
TOPCATFueling SoftwarePayware
Navigraph Charts & FMSCharts Software and FMS Airac UpdatesPayware
DropboxFilesharing for OPF to distribute on the Cockpit iPadFreeware

21 Dez

corteManager4JH – v1.5.1 released!

corteManager4JH got an important Upgrade as it is now able to update your NavData von the FMGS PCs.

You will find this new feature by clicking „NavData Rebuild“ from the new menubar in the Main Window.

Changes in addition:

  • [FEATURE] NavData Rebuild for Master PC, CPT PC, FO PC and Dedicated Server (Menu „NavData Rebuild“)
  • [FEATURE] Create desktop shortcuts in „Settings > Shortcuts“
  • [FEATURE] Improved logging
  • [BUGFIX] simBrief Export show FL with 5 digits (like 23000) and JeeHell requires 3 digits (like 230)
  • [CHANGED] Access to Settings moved to Menubar „Settings“
  • [CHANGED] Added NavData Rebuild Settings

Please find the download here.

07 Dez

corteManager4JH – v1.4 released!

The new version can be found here.

  • [FEATURE] Monitor Mode monitors the import directories for new flight plans. Very useful when using 3rd party flight planning software like PFPX and simBrief.
  • [FEATURE] Route validation shows the selected route (makes it lot easier to unterstand, what he is doing)
  • [FEATURE] Flight Level Import with VATSIM Flightplan
  • [FEATURE] Create empty corte.xml if no corte.xml is found
  • [CHANGED] Route Import can be stopped by clicking „cancel“ in the „delete file dialog“
  • [BUGFIX] SID and STAR validation failed in some cases which causes invalid files