25 Jan

JeeHell EXT PWR by GSX — Version 9.11 out now!

v9.11.24 25.01.2020
Configuration Tool updated – Please open and Save your configuration again!

  • [FEATURE] Trigger STOW RAT when script is running
  • [CHANGED] Icing changed to value from Active Sky
  • [CHANGED] Icing Warning comes up very 2 minutes if non of the Anti Icing Systems are switched on
  • [CHANGED] Once Icing is detected it stays at least 10 Minutes
  • [CHANGED] Clear JeeHell Offset „Backlight“ Bit 0 to avoid GSX is running before Aircraft loading completed
  • [CHANGED] PNF Callout „Thrust set“ plays if N1 and N2 > 80%
  • [CHANGED] Enhanced logging for Sound play
  • [BUGFIX] Fix Jetway Issues with Just Sim EDDL v2
  • [BUGFIX] Landing Report does not appear if „Cabin Sound“ was OFF
  • [BUGFIX] No Cabin Sounds after first leg if no deboarding has been triggered

Please find the new download on my website

22 Dez

Tools of choice – inside the sim

I am using some powerful tools in my A320 Cockpit and what to share them with you. This will not contain Scenery Add-Ons as they belong to personal flavour.

ToolDescriptionFreeware/ Payware
Real Time FlightAdjusting the local time to the real local timeFreeware
Time Zone FixerFix local time zones for P3DPayware
Ultimate Traffic LiveTraffic Addon for Live TrafficPayware
HotKeyNetTransfer Key-Presses from PC to PCFreeware
CPDLC AOCCPDLC Software for JeeHellFreeware
Pro-ATC-XATC software for offline flightsPayware
FS-FlightscontrolPowerful „Instructor Station“Payware
FS Raas 2.0Raas is running on my main PC and provide RAAS CalloutsFreeware
corteManager4JHMy tool to import Company Routes to JeeHell FMGSFreeware
JeeHell EXT PWR by GSXSoftware to access GSX withing JeeHell FMGSFreeware
JeeHell Packflow to ArduinoSoftware to manage external Fan in HomecockpitFreeware
FFTF DynamicImprove FPS on Ground by adjusting the FiberFrameFrictionPayware
Active Sky / Cloud ArtBest weather tool everPayware
FSUIPC5 / WideFSMust have for Cockpit BuildersPayware
MobiflightTo run addition IO-BoardsFreeware
PFPX 2.0Flight PlanningPayware
TOPCATFueling SoftwarePayware
Navigraph Charts & FMSCharts Software and FMS Airac UpdatesPayware
DropboxFilesharing for OPF to distribute on the Cockpit iPadFreeware

21 Dez

corteManager4JH – v1.5.1 released!

corteManager4JH got an important Upgrade as it is now able to update your NavData von the FMGS PCs.

You will find this new feature by clicking „NavData Rebuild“ from the new menubar in the Main Window.

Changes in addition:

  • [FEATURE] NavData Rebuild for Master PC, CPT PC, FO PC and Dedicated Server (Menu „NavData Rebuild“)
  • [FEATURE] Create desktop shortcuts in „Settings > Shortcuts“
  • [FEATURE] Improved logging
  • [BUGFIX] simBrief Export show FL with 5 digits (like 23000) and JeeHell requires 3 digits (like 230)
  • [CHANGED] Access to Settings moved to Menubar „Settings“
  • [CHANGED] Added NavData Rebuild Settings

Please find the download here.

07 Dez

corteManager4JH – v1.4 released!

The new version can be found here.

  • [FEATURE] Monitor Mode monitors the import directories for new flight plans. Very useful when using 3rd party flight planning software like PFPX and simBrief.
  • [FEATURE] Route validation shows the selected route (makes it lot easier to unterstand, what he is doing)
  • [FEATURE] Flight Level Import with VATSIM Flightplan
  • [FEATURE] Create empty corte.xml if no corte.xml is found
  • [CHANGED] Route Import can be stopped by clicking „cancel“ in the „delete file dialog“
  • [BUGFIX] SID and STAR validation failed in some cases which causes invalid files
27 Jan

JeeHell EXT PWR by GSX – Version 9.2 out now!

This version brings some smaller bugfixes and changes on the refueling process. New version can be found here!

https://aviation.pero-online.de > Freeware > JeeHell EXT PWR by GSX

Please read the manual before updating or installing the first time. 
This version needs GSX L2 and P3Dv4 because there a special features that are only included in FSUIPC5 and GSX L2!

  • [FEATURE] Refueling moment can be selected from „with“, „before“ or „after“ Boarding starts
  • [CHANGED] Safety announcement starts either
    • a) if „Welcome“ has taken place and the adjustable timer has passed (in Config Tool) and aircraft is not rolling
    • b) aircraft is rolling > 2 kts and < 30 kts [CHANGED] „Enable GSX automation in general“ can’t be set of „Off“ if CPDLC AOC Client is „On“
  • [BUGFIX] „BOARDING START *“ even if GSX is disabled
  • [BUGFIX] Logging logs every second.


13 Jan

JeeHell EXT PWR by GSX – Version 9 out now!

It is released now! If you are interested for the JeeHell MCDU Integration you need to update/install BETA v19 of the CPDLC AOC-Client of Christoph Paulus (www.dalpi.de).

https://aviation.pero-online.de > Freeware > JeeHell EXT PWR by GSX

Please read the manual before updating or installing the first time. 
This version needs GSX L2 and P3Dv4 because there a special features that are only included in FSUIPC5 and GSX L2!

  • [FEATURE] MCDU Integration with CPDLC AOC Client
  • [FEATURE] GSX Menu is now answered „very fast“ by reading it
  • [FEATURE] Added Key combination to toggle PNF announcements
  • [FEATURE] Taxi Music can be selected to use your own sound file
  • [FEATURE] F1 – F23 are possible for key combination
  • [FEATURE] Landing Rate Monitor creates a Logfile
  • [CHANGED] Taxi Music starts after Boarding completed
  • [BUGFIX] „Requesting fuel“ does not work in special cases
  • [BUGFIX] Sound stops very strange
  • [BUGFIX] Loop if only one SoundPack is selected
  • [BUGFIX] Configtool crashes if no [Sounds] found in FSUIPC.ini
  • [BUGFIX] Others…

I am working that this version is compatible to FSX as well but this needs some conversations to Pete Dawson. 


22 Dez

JeeHell EXT PWR by GSX – Update Version 8

Version 8 is the biggest Update of my LUA Script and there are many important changes and a lot of bugfixes.

The main changes in this version are:

  • new configuration tool which makes installation, uninstallation and configuration of the LUA-script much easier
  • own Cabin Sounds which changes randomly at each leg
  • Pilot non flying doing callouts like „100kts“ and „positive Climb“
  • Taxi Music

The new Version and the SoundPacks can be found on my website:


01 Dez

JeeHell EXT PWR by GSX – Update Version 7

v7 of my LUA script is out now. Thanks to Peter Fuss who did a lot of testing and found some major bugs.
Now we are really stable, each announcement comes correct, boarding the correct amount of pax work e.g.

Makes fun flying with it!

v7 01.12.2018

  • [FEATURE] Added chapter „Troubleshooting“ to the manual
  • [FEATURE] Use CTRL+C to switch off the ICA Sounds (message appear)
  • [BUGFIX] Random Passengers for GSX v2 did not work randomly
  • [BUGFIX] When Catering & Boarding selected the Catering doors are to late
  • [BUGFIX] When Catering & Boarding selected the cargo door are too soon
  • [BUGFIX] When Catering & Boarding selected the catering was not called at any time
  • [BUGFIX] Deboarding does not close the CARGO Doors
  • [CHANGED] Climb Announcment will be played based on altitude difference to the departing airport (avoid playing the sound when starting at high altitude locations)
  • [CHANGED] Main Exit is opening when Jetway has been connected
  • [CHANGED] Deboarding Sound will be played when Jetway has been connected
  • [CHANGED] Safety Sound will be skipped if GS is higher then 30 kts within 8 seconds (to avoid sound when starting directly from runway)
  • [CHANGED] Descent Sound will be played once 3000 ft below highest altitude