*********** SIMstarter NG P3D Release Notes ***************

NOTE: THIS VERSION SUPPORTS P3D v4.5 and 5.0 only!

--- 06.08.2020 - v2.0.7 rev. 72
[CHANGED] Manuals - Added missing descriptions
[CHANGED] Checklist - Save Checklist before assigning to other profiles
[CHANGED] Profile - Date/Time Picker become invisible if TimeMode = Local Realtime (as this makes no sense)

--- 25.06.2020 - v2.0.7 rev. 67
[FEATURE] Diff MGR - Disable Diff-Manager (Experts only)
[FEATURE] Diff MGR - Allow Archived Items to be added in Ignore List
[CHANGED] Diff MGR - Reminds you to "check" an items before adding it to Ignorelist if no item is checked

--- 16.06.2020 - v2.0.7 rev. 62
[BUGFIX] Profile - Read Date/Time from simBrief OFP does not work

--- 14.06.2020 - v2.0.7 rev. 61
[FEATURE] Checklist - Assign Checklist to other profiles
[BUGFIX] Checklist - Does not run when starting SIMstarter from Profile-Shortcut
[BUGFIX] Checklist - Starting Checklist from Profile-Shortcut should not allow stopping the process
[BUGFIX] Scenery MGR - Errors without Error reported after running MakeRwys

--- 06.06.2020 - v2.0.7 rev. 50
[FEATURE] Profile - Reading Date/Time from PFPX and simBrief OFPs
[FEATURE] Profile - Show PFPX and simBrief OFPs
[FEATURE] Profile - Added new setting to sync the Active Sky time with the profile setting of SIMstarter
[FEATURE] AddOnXml MGR - Clear Names of AddOn Components
[FEATURE] Random Flight Database - Supporting RFD by generating an Export of Add-On Airports that can be imported to RFD. Further Details in ".\manuals\RandomFlightDatabase with SIMstarter NG P3D.pdf"
[CHANGED] Scenery MGR - Not show "new Sceneries" when showing errors
[CHANGED] General - Font color of inactive items to black (from dark-gray) - as it's better readable now
[CHANGED] Manuals - Updated
[BUGFIX] SimConfig MGR - Description for "InfoUpperLeftTextColorUser" fixed
[BUGFIX] SimConfig MGR - Behaviour of Background Colors fixed
[BUGFIX] AddOnXML MGR - Filename issue when adding new add-on.xml

--- 25.05.2020 - v2.0.6 rev. 45
[CHANGED] TextInfo MGR - [TextInfo.1] preselected (former [SlewTextInfo.1])
[CHANGED] TextInfo MGR - Added non standard variables based on P3D SDK

--- 24.05.2020 - v2.0.6 rev. 43
[BUGFIX] TextInfo MGR - Some fields are missing

--- 24.05.2020 - v2.0.6 rev. 42
[FEATURE] AIRAC - AIRAC Indicator stays "orange" from valid-date + 5 days to indicate that it has been changed
[FEATURE] SimConfigBackup MGR - Compare the backup file with the original file prior restore using the new "Compare file(s)" button in Restore Dialog
[CHANGED] Add-Ons.Cfg - Changed the ordering of [Package.x] section as this can cause trouble with A2A Aircraft. To fix both files simply move a scenery Layer in Scenery Manager save changes.
[CHANGED] CleanDesk MGR - Coloring adjusted
[BUGFIX] Fileswitcher - Date/Time Error fixed caused by rev. 35
[BUGFIX] SimConfig Set - Setting Date/Time makes no sense here. Disabled now.

--- 19.05.2020 - v2.0.6 rev. 35
[BUGFIX] Fileswitcher - Date/Time Error fixed

--- 19.05.2020 - v2.0.6 rev. 34
[BUGFIX] Profile - Starting the Scenery MGR before Profile start does not deactivate Add-On.xml Scenery
[BUGFIX] RunConfigSet MGR - Coloring of missing files not red
[BUGFIX] SimConfig MGR - Label of EnableGesture not correct
[BUGFIX] Profile - System Date does not work as it should

--- 18.05.2020 - v2.0.6 rev. 25
[FEATURE] SimConfig MGR - (P3Dv5) Added "Variable Refresh Rate"
[FEATURE] Run ConfigSet MGR - Added possibility to remove multiple Run Items
[FEATURE] Run ConfigSet MGR - Added possibility to copy multiple Run Items to another Run ConfigSet
[FEATURE] FileSwitcher - Sortable by TimeStamp
[FEATURE] Active Sky - Close Active Sky P3D
[FEATURE] Program Settings - Added Expert Option to allow config changes when sim is running (Default = Off)
[CHANGED] Profile - Date Time Settings Redesign (added fixed system date). Note: You have to redo your time settings on each profile.
[BUGFIX] SimConfigBackup MGR - Does not included checkbox "All add-on.xml" when starting the backup from button "<< CREATE BACKUP >>"

--- 16.05.2020 - v2.0.5 rev. 8
[CHANGED] AddOnXml MGR - Enhanced logging
[CHANGED] AddOnXml MGR - Add-Ons.cfg remove duplicates from AppData first
[BUGFIX] Up2Date - Fixed an issue where UP2DATE can cause "File < > not found" errors

--- 15.05.2020 - v2.0.4 rev. 10
[FEATURE] AIRAC - Shows label of valid AIRAC for today (not the installed one)
[FEATURE] AddOnXml MGR - Correction of add-ons.cfg errors can be done in automated way
[CHANGED] AddOnXml MGR - Validation of add-ons.cfg errors should be more user friendly
[CHANGED] SimConfigBackup MGR - Able to handle SimBackup Backups from SIMstarter NG
[CHANGED] Scenery MGR - Merging sceneries autocorrects the relative path to absolut path as this can cause issues as the reference is not correct
[CHANGED] AddOnXml MGR - Validation of add-ons.cfg errors should be more user friendly
[BUGFIX] AddOnXml MGR - Coloring not corect when clicking [...] button
[BUGFIX] AddOnXml MGR - CTD when modify add-on.xml in some cases
[BUGFIX] Scenery MGR - Merging sceneries from add-on.xml to scenery.cfg can cause duplicates in some cases

--- 12.05.2020 - v2.0.3 rev. 32
[FEATURE] Profile - Added Label "Sim is running / Sim is not running" in Flight Control Center
[FEATURE] General - Added add-ons.cfg file links in "File > Open"
[FEATURE] General - Reworked the way for selected rows in ConfiSet Managers
[FEATURE] AddOnXml MGR - Auto correction of duplicate "Names" of a "Category" as this is not allowed by PREPAR3D SDK and can cause that Add-Ons do not load.
[FEATURE] AddOnXml MGR - DiscoveryPath settings will be searched for unregistered add-on.xml files
[FEATURE] AddOnXml MGR - Default sorting by "Name" added
[FEATURE] DLL/EXE.XML MGR - Coloring added
[CHANGED] Settings - Reduced the complexity of file settings with introducing an autodiscovery. User don't need to select the files himself any more.
[BUGFIX] AddOnXml MGR - Coloring not corect when clicking [...] button
[BUGFIX] Scenery MGR - CTD in some cases
[BUGFIX] RunConfigSet MGR - Coloring of missing files not red
[BUGFIX] Profile - Not changing files that do not exist

--- 09.05.2020 - v2.0.2 rev. 34
[FEATURE] AddOnXml MGR - DiscoveryPath coloring added
[FEATURE] AddOnXml MGR - Added new Dialog to move categories into new AddOn Package
[FEATURE] AddOnXml MGR - Added new CheckBox "Show SceneryGroups only" to show add-on.xml files with more then one scenery
[FEATURE] Active Sky - Support for Active Sky P3D included
[FEATURE] General - If the simulator is running SIMstarter will prevent to make changes in the configuration dialogs
[FEATURE] General - If a new version of PREPAR3D is detected SIMstarter will ask you to import the current prepar3d.cfg to avoid misconfiguration
[FEATURE] General - New Label to indicate that SIMstarter has not been started as Administrator
[FEATURE] Scenery MGR - Added new Dialog to merge sceneries into new AddOn Package
[CHANGED] AddOnXml MGR - New add-on.xml entries are stored in "AppData"
[CHANGED] AddOnXml MGR - Improved Validation of add-ons.cfg files
[CHANGED] RunConfigSet MGR - Coloring added
[BUGFIX] AddOnXml MGR - Activate/Deactivate does not work in some case
[BUGFIX] AddOnXml MGR - Adding new add-on.xml to wrong folder
[BUGFIX] AddOnXml MGR - Fixed file checkup for existing add-on.xml files
[BUGFIX] AddOnXml MGR - Coloring issues fixed

--- 06.05.2020 - v2.0.1 rev. 273
[FEATURE] Scenery MGR - Complete reworked New Scenery Manager with improved GUI speed
[FEATURE] Scenery MGR - Improved Sorting of Sceneries
[FEATURE] Scenery MGR - Modify Add-On.xml based sceneries with Scenery Manager
[FEATURE] Scenery MGR - Remove Add-On.xml based sceneries with Scenery Manager
[FEATURE] Scenery MGR - Merge sceneries to either add-on.xml or scenery.cfg depending on source
[FEATURE] Scenery MGR - Inactive/Active Sceneries from "Scenery Manager" tab will be changed to add-on.xml as well (former scenery.cfg only)
[FEATURE] Scenery MGR - Edit Scenery shows red textbox is path is not found
[FEATURE] Scenery MGR - Show Layer information in Add/Edit Dialog
[FEATURE] Scenery MGR - Check if PATH or TITLE already exist and skip if
[FEATURE] AddOnXml MGR - Improved performance in dialog (with many Add-On.xml files)
[FEATURE] AddOnXml MGR - Validation of add-ons.cfg files
[FEATURE] AddOnXml MGR - Added checkboxes at "Add-On.xml Manager" tab to adhoc activate/deactivate add-on.xml files in add-ons.cfg files
[FEATURE] AddOnXml MGR - Added link to "add-ons.cfg" files to open them in editor
[FEATURE] AddOnXml MGR - Added "Please wait" banner while adding "Missed add-on.xml files"
[FEATURE] AddOnXml MGR - Move selected categories from one add-on.xml file to another (Add-On.xml MGR > Modify > Move)
[FEATURE] SimConfigBackup MGR - Added "Include all add-on.xml" checkbox to include alle add-on.xml files into your SimConfigBackup
[FEATURE] SimConfigBackup MGR - Filter in "Restore Backup" dialog for files (important if you are searching for specific files to restore)
[FEATURE] SimConfig MGR - (P3Dv5 HF1) Added "Dynamic Texture Streaming" Option
[FEATURE] SimObjects MGR - Added checkboxes to activate/deactivate all items
[FEATURE] Profile - Searching for Scenery Errors on SIMstarter start and Profile Start, before the simulator is running
[CHANGED] SimConfigBackup MGR - Sorting of the backups columns to "last backup" on startup
[CHANGED] SimConfigBackup MGR - Restore files/folders without asking to replace the existing files (just confuses)
[CHANGED] AddOnXml MGR - Ask to save changes in DiscoveryPath Tab
[CHANGED] General - GUI not hanging when sim is starting (BGW replaced with Timer)
[CHANGED] Manuals - Revised for SIMstarter NG P3D
[BUGFIX] SimConfigBackup MGR - CTD if dialog canceled
[BUGFIX] General - Profile Shortcuts pointing to wrong .exe (SIMstarter NG.exe instead of SIMstarter NG P3D.exe)
[BUGFIX] Affinity Calculator - Dialog does not open
[BUGFIX] AddOnXml MGR - Can't create new DiscoveryPath
[ALPHA] FileMonitor - Added new Option to switch from "OPERATIONS VIEW" to "FINAL VIEW" to show created, renamed or changed files only

--- 23.04.2020 - v2.0.0 rev. 175
[FEATURE] General - Support for P3Dv5 added
[FEATURE] General - Support for FSUIPC6 added
[FEATURE] SimConfig MGR - Support for P3Dv5 added
[FEATURE] SimConfig MGR - Tweaks for P3Dv5 added
[FEATURE] Scenery MGR - Enhanced sorting of Scenery MGR and performance of GUI improved
[FEATURE] AddOnXml MGR - Remove multiple components from add-on.xml file
[FEATURE] AddOnXml MGR - "Search missing add-on.xml" shows results in a checked-listbox to select which files should be activated
[FEATURE] AddOnXml MGR - Support for "DiscoveryPath" added. Add, Modify or Remove DiscoveryPath settings in your add-ons.cfg files
[FEATURE] AddOnXml MGR - New menu item "Remove file from sim" to remove add-on.xml from add-ons.cfg without deleting
[FEATURE] SimConfigBackup MGR - Date columns are sortable now
[CHANGED] SimObjects MGR - Font color adjust
[CHANGED] General - Removed FSX - P3Dv4.4 from source code
[CHANGED] General - Some dialogues did not have the right focus
[CHANGED] General - Updated to MakeRwys 4.9
[CHANGED] Run MGR - Fileoperation Dialog optimized usabiltiy
[CHANGED] Scenery MGR - Color of required scenery unreadable
[CHANGED] Scenery MGR - Add multiple Sceneries empty dialog
[CHANGED] Scenery MGR - HTML Export marks add-on.xml based scenery in dark-green
[CHANGED] Scenery MGR - Description column sizable
[CHANGED] Scenery MGR - Scenery Set Overview: Changed coloring to active and inactive only (better usabiltiy)
[CHANGED] Startposition - "Show Add-On Airports only" checkbox state saved now
[CHANGED] Startposition - PreSelects the latest ICAO from the profile
[CHANGED] Startposition - Removed parenthesis if no airline code for aircraft
[CHANGED] Fileswitcher - Logging list reversed
[CHANGED] Fileswitcher - Pressing ENTER in search dialog starts searching (better usabiltiy)
[CHANGED] SimConfg MGR - SHOW_SCENARIO_WINDOW setting disabled as this will be set in the profile at "Flight Control Center"
[CHANGED] Flightplan - Auto loading flightplan changed. Loading latest "*.pln" file if departure ICAO is set
[CHANGED] ShowParkingICAO - Enhanced sorting of parkings
[CHANGED] RealTimeFlight - Real Time Flight Manager will be auto closed now
[CHANGED] TextInfo MGR - Adjusted to v5 SDK
[BUGFIX] Startposition - "blank" value shows no gates
[BUGFIX] SimConfigSet - Pilot voice settings are fixed
[BUGFIX] SimConfigBackup - Delete Backup ConfigSets causes error

[ALPHA] File Monitor - Introducing FileMonitor to monitor changes of files (for now it is an inofficial feature and unsupported)