13 Dez

SIMstarter Version 2.5.01 released!

A lot of work has been done for this new version. My X-Mas present! ;O)

Please notice that you have to run „SIMstarter Migration Tool.exe“ after updating to Version 2.5.01 because the logic of the StartManager has been changed. ;O)


02 Nov

SIMstarter Version 2.4.01 released!

FSXstarter_logo_smallerSome users of SIMstarter would like to use external Scenery.cfg files in combination with SIMstarter. Version 2.4 makes that possible. You can use e.g. SceneryConfigEditor Version 1.1.3 to manage complex Scenery files and use them together with SIMstarter.

Other changes:

  • Features
    • SceneryManager: Added support of external scenery.cfg
    • SceneryManager: Added support of external Scenery Managers (e.g. SceneryConfigManager)
    • Tweaks: Added AUTOGEN_TREE_MAX_DRAW_DISTANCE slider
    • Tweaks: Added AUTOGEN_TREE_MIN_DISTANCE_TO_LOD slider
    • LiveryManager: Manage P3D Favorites
  • Bugfixes
    • LiveryManager: CTD if [section] includes // (Integer error)
    • LiveryManager: Can handle sim.cfg instead of aircraft.cfg
30 Sep

SIMconfigBackup updated to version 1.1.02

Because of the release of PREPAR3D I decided to add the SIMconnect.ini, SIMconnect.cfg and SIMconnect.xml to my default PREPAR3Dv2 BackupSet.

But: It just shows the files if they are availible. If not they will not marked as source. ;O)

CHANGE 30.09.2014: Bugfix, see change log…