SIMstarter NG Release Notes

Note: SIMstarter NG has been replaced by SIMstarter NG P3D. Please read manual for further information!

--- 26.05.2020 - v1.9.6 rev. 2
[CHANGED] General - Added information of SIMstarter NG P3D
[CHANGED] SceneryMGR - (P3Dv4) HTML Export marks add-on.xml based scenery in dark-green
[BUGFIX] Startposition - "blank" value shows no gates
[BUGFIX] SimConfigSet - Pilot voice settings are fixed
[BUGFIX] SimConfigBackup - Delete Backup ConfigSets causes error

--- 26.03.2020 - v1.9.5 rev. 8
[FEATURE] SimConfigSet - [P3Dv4.5] Added Support for "InfoUpperLeftTextColorUser" (SHIFT-Z) text color and background in Sim ConfigSet > Text
[CHANGED] Program - Support for Windows 7 removed
[CHANGED] Program - Manuals updated
[BUGFIX] Startposition - Gates / Parkingposition not updated after "refreshing Airport" > only after restart SIMstarter NG

--- 07.03.2020 - v1.9.5 rev. 7
[BUGFIX] Aircrafts - [P3Dv4] Add-On.xml based aircrafts are missing in some cases

--- 07.03.2020 - v1.9.5 rev. 6
[CHANGED] Logging - [P3Dv4] Logging confuses if [DiscoveryPackage.X] has been used in add-ons.cfg
[CHANGED] DebugPack - [P3Dv4] Added MakeRwys_Scenery.cfg to DebugPack
[CHANGED] Affinity - Dialog crashes in some special cases
[CHANGED] SimConfigBackup - Time Stamps converted in Restore dialog for better overview
[CHANGED] GoogleEarth - [P3Dv4] Detecting LorbySceneryExport.exe to create "MakeRwys_Scenery.cfg"
[BUGFIX] GoogleEarth - [P3Dv4] Export fails if scenery folder is set to ".\"
[BUGFIX] GoogleEarth - [P3Dv4] Export fails for some Add-On.xml based sceneries like ORBX
[BUGFIX] SimObjects MGR - [FSX/FSX-SE] Dialog crashes in some cases

--- 13.02.2020 - v1.9.4 rev. 7
[FEATURE] Tools - Added new Tool "Show Gates of Airline" to filter assigned airline gates (based on MakeRwys and the Airport AFCAD)
[FEATURE] Startposition - Added Runway Length in feet and meter
[BUGFIX] Startposition - Fixed wrong HDG in parking position
[BUGFIX] General - Typos fixed

--- 25.01.2020 - v1.9.3 rev. 12
[FEATURE] Startposition - Pressing "Enter" after selecting Startposition closes the dialog (same as clicking "ok")
[BUGFIX] Main Dialog - Window Position of "Flightcontrol Center" will be restored now
[BUGFIX] Main Dialog - Fixed starting behavior of the "Play Button"

--- 31.12.2019 - v1.9.3 rev. 11
[FEATURE] General - Added Link to "Release notes" in "Shortcuts"-Menu at the Flightcontrol Center

--- 24.12.2019 - v1.9.3 rev. 10
[CHANGED] Scenery MGR - (P3Dv4) Add-On.xml file: if Category "Scenery" has no name it show "<< Title Missing >>" instead of the AddOn Name
[CHANGED] SimConfigBackup - Dialog closes after file restore (more user friendly)
[CHANGED] SimConfigBackup - Coloring of the Buttons changed (more user friendly)

--- 16.12.2019 - v1.9.3 rev. 9
[BUGFIX] Profile - (P3Dv4) Selected saved flight is not loaded when no SimConfig Set selected
[BUGFIX] SimObjects - (P3Dv3) Missing to import the correct SimObject path
[BUGFIX] General - Encoding Error if FSX and FSX-SE are installed on the same maschine

--- 13.12.2019 - v1.9.3 rev. 4
[BUGFIX] SimObjects - (P3Dv4) In some cases the SimObjects ConfigSet does not deactivate the selected SimObjects

--- 07.12.2019 - v1.9.2 rev. 15
[FEATURE] General - Auto Import of Display Settings and Resolution changes
[FEATURE] General - (P3Dv4) Compatible with PREPAR3D v4.5
[FEATURE] General - (P3Dv4) Added all missing Managers (Autogen, Effects, Fonts, Gauges, Prodefs, Scaleform, Scenarios, Scripts, Sound, Texture and Weather)
[FEATURE] SimObjects MGR - (P3Dv4) Handle simObjects.cfg in ProgData and AppData
[FEATURE] Profile - Settings of Ultimate Traffic Live can be done in "Profile > Extended Tab"
[FEATURE] RunConfig - "WaitSimReady" has wait parameter to start programs after an defined waiting time
[FEATURE] SimConfigBackup - Added Backup Plan "Each 3rd Day"
[FEATURE] Tools - (P3Dv4) Using Clear Facilities and Scenery Index remove "SceneryIndex_x64" as well
[FEATURE] Profile - Using "UTC" Checkbox auto runs "Real Time Flight Manager" (you need to set the path in Program settings)
[CHANGED] Scenario - (P3Dv4) Loading Flight based on P3Dv4 SDK
[CHANGED] SceneryMGR - Forecolor changed to white if background is dark green
[CHANGED] Profile - Restarting Aero removed as not longer needed (Win7)
[BUGFIX] SimObjects MGR - SimObjects MGR shows duplicate entries fixed
[BUGFIX] AddOnXml MGR - AddOn Description Textbox shows wrong value
[BUGFIX] AddOn MGR - (P3Dv4) Using Add-On.xml forced all ConfigSet Items to Active
[BUGFIX] Profile - Starting Profile causes "Keine Rückmeldung"
[BUGFIX] Show BGL - Showing duplicate BGL in some cases

--- 20.04.2019 - v1.8.7 rev. 1
[BUGFIX] General - "-1" CTD in some cases

--- 17.04.2019 - v1.8.6 rev. 12
[FEATURE] General - Compatible with PREPAR3D v4.5
[FEATURE] SimConfig MGR - (P3Dv4) Added Tweak "OPAQUE_SHADOW_TEXTURE_SIZE" for P3Dv4.3 and 4.4
[CHANGED] SceneryMGR - (P3Dv4) Improved performace at Saving changes (if you leave the Scenery MGR)
[BUGFIX] SceneryMGR - (P3Dv4) Scenery order does not match to PREPAR3D in some cases (using 3rd party programs)
[BUGFIX] General - Open files with "external Editor" like Notepad++ does not work any more

--- 29.12.2018 - v1.8.5 rev. 5
[BUGFIX] Add-On.xml MGR - (P3Dv4) Deleting an add-on.xml deletes the parent folder in some cases

--- 23.12.2018 - v1.8.5 rev. 4
[FEATURE] SimObjects MGR - Remove multiple entries at once (mark and remove)
[BUGFIX] SimObjects MGR - (P3Dv4) Duplicate entries in some circumstances

--- 22.12.2018 - v1.8.5 rev. 3
[CHANGED] Add-On.xml - "WorldScenery" does not need to have direct subdirectories "scenery" and "texture"

--- 28.11.2018 - v1.8.5 rev. 2
[FEATURE] General - Compatible with PREPAR3D v4.4
[BUGFIX] P3Dv4.x - Fixed Font Color from black to white

--- 11.11.2018 - v1.8.4 rev. 6
[FEATURE] Security - SIMstarter NG.exe and up2date.exe are digital signed now
[FEATURE] Up2Date - Enhancend logging
[FEATURE] Fileswitcher - "Check all items" option added
[FEATURE] Fileswitcher - "Clear log" option added
[FEATURE] Profile - Added a new option "Keep SplashScreen on top" in Program Settings to disable that the SplashScreen will stay on top of any other application during profile start
[FEATURE] Add-On.xml MGR - (P3Dv4) Import from directory detects file in "sceneryWorld" subfolder ("scenery" and "texture") and copy them automaticly to \Scenery\World\Scenery & Texture
[FEATURE] Scenery MGR - Search for scenery in Title / Local (path)
[FEATURE] General - Changes in Display Resolution will be automatically moved to the Sim Master ConfigSet
[BUGFIX] Backup MGR - Source will be skipped if it contains the Backup Target Path (just in case, as this would cause a loop)
[BUGFIX] General - In some cases the variable=value will be saved in the wrong section

--- 19.10.2018 - v1.8.3 rev. 17
[FEATURE] General - Dialog "Sim is running" can be enabled in Programm settings. This dialog pops up when SIMstarter NG is ending to prevent having a running sim.
[FEATURE] Profile - If no Sim ConfigSet is selected the "Use different Situation Settings" will be disabled because the sim.cfg will not be modified

--- 16.10.2018 - v1.8.3 rev. 16
[FEATURE] up2date MGR - Up2Date Manager updated to v1.3 for better error handling of corrupt ZIP files // Logo included

--- 14.10.2018 - v1.8.3 rev. 15
[BUGFIX] AddOn.xml MGR - Add from Categories will add the correct SimObjects subfolders now
[BUGFIX] AddOn.xml MGR - Add from Categories will only add "Scripts" if *.lua files are found

--- 13.10.2018 - v1.8.3 rev. 14
[BUGFIX] SceneryMGR - CTD when clicking on headline
[BUGFIX] RunManager - Clicking "Test" on an item with "Pause" option selected will cause a popup window which is not removeable
[BUGFIX] AddOn.xml MGR - Filter by category does not work

--- 30.09.2018 - v1.8.3 rev. 13
[BUGFIX] SceneryMGR - (P3Dv4) Add-On.xml will not be disabled correctly when using 'Run SceneryMGR with Profilstart' has been selected

--- 11.09.2018 - v1.8.3 rev. 12
[CHANGED] Profile - Make the SplashScreen unvisible when using "Wait until this program" option in RunSet is in use
[BUGFIX] TextInfoManager - CTD in some circumstances

--- 12.08.2018 - v1.8.3 rev. 1
[FEATURE] LiveryMGR - Thumbnail Size can be switched from small to large
[FEATURE] SimCfg MGR - (P3Dv4.3) Added tweak "MaxRegionsPurgePerFrame"
[FEATURE] Startposition - Added feature to show which BGL files are used for an airport
[BUGFIX] LiveryMGR - Livery not detected correctly in some cases
[BUGFIX] Sound Setting - (P3Dv4.x) Voice Sound Slider caused wrong values

--- 27.07.2018 - v1.8.2 rev. 5
[BUGFIX] Program - Fixed an issue "No connection to the internet"
[BUGFIX] Program - Fixed an issue that SIMstarter NG cannot update any more
[BUGFIX] SimObjects - Double entries in SimObjects Manager

--- 21.07.2018 - v1.8.1 rev. 15
[CHANGED] SimObjects - All SimObject path are enabled as DEFAULT! To save loading time please disable AI folders like 'IVAO_MTL', 'UTL', 'MyTraffic', e.g.
[CHANGED] SimConfig - (P3Dv4.3) Added "Information" > "Message Text" Option
[BUGFIX] Fileswitcher - Preset Aerosoft Stuttgart Professional (P3Dv4) wrong path
[BUGFIX] SimConfig - (P3D) change Paricles to Particles

--- 27.06.2018 - v1.8.0 rev. 1
[FEATURE] General - Compatible with PREPAR3D v4.3

--- 31.05.2018 - v1.7.3 rev. 10
[BUGFIX] LiveryMGR - Fixed CTD if [Section.01] contains no numeric value
[BUGFIX] SceneryMGR - Fixed bug where asking to save changes after deleting a Scenery ConfigSet
[CHANGED] Programsettings - SimObjects enlarged the Checked List Box and corrected Anchor

--- 21.04.2018 - v1.7.3 rev. 9
[BUGFIX] Config Editor - Fixed CTD if VAR=VALUE already exists in another section (thanks to dufflepod)

--- 16.04.2018 - v1.7.3 rev. 8
[BUGFIX] Run ConfigSet - SIMstarter NG does not close after profile start

--- 15.04.2018 - v1.7.3 rev. 7
[BUGFIX] LiveryMGR - Some aircrafts had no thumbnail
[CHANGED] Programsettings - SimObjects Listbox has horizontal scrolling now

--- 15.04.2018 - v1.7.3
[FEATURE] RunConfig - Added "close" method to close applications like "JeeHell Starter.exe" including sub programs
[FEATURE] Profiles - List of Aircrafts sorted by name
[CHANGED] Aircrafts - Optimized procedure to read in aircraft details (for better performance)
[CHANGED] Programsettings - (P3Dv4) Aircrafts will only be shown in Aircraft Selection if they are chosen in
Program settings > Platform specific settings > SimObjects (DON'T SELECT ALL - read manual for details)
[BUGFIX] SimObjects - (P3Dv4) Add-on.xml releated path lost when restarting SIMstarter NG
[BUGFIX] SimConfig - (P3Dv4) Sound Options "Voice" did not changed to enabled in some special cases
[BUGFIX] SimObject MGR - (P3Dv4) New path will not be saved in some cases
[BUGFIX] Livery MGR - Numbering of aircrafts fixed (can cause faulty aircraft.cfg files)
[BUGFIX] Startposition - Fixed Startposition for Helipads issue (Peru)

--- 17.03.2018 - v1.7.2
[CHANGED] General - Switched from http to https Connection
[BUGFIX] SimConfigSet - (P3Dv4) Disabled Sounds not worked correct
[BUGFIX] Startposition - Wrong start positions for some airports (EGLC, EGLL, e.g.)
[BUGFIX] GoogleEarth - GoogleEarth Export CTD "length"

--- 11.03.2018 - v1.7.1
[BUGFIX] GoogleEarth - Google Earth Export "length" error message fixed
[BUGFIX] SceneryMGR - Index Error when saving a ScenerySet

--- 03.03.2018 - v1.7.0
[FEATURE] SimConfigBackup - Limit can be configured by users (Program settings > SimConfig Backup Warning threshold) - Default 500 MB
[FEATURE] RunManager - Added "Copy items to other RunSet"
[CHANGED] Profiles - Control definition files will be searched in MyDocuments\ as well
[BUGFIX] Aircrafts - Some aircrafts are not visible within SIMstarter NG (containing TAB inside sections)
[BUGFIX] AddOnXml - (P3Dv4) Fixed Layer selection is disabled when adding new add-on categories

--- 24.02.2018 - v1.6.10
[BUGFIX] SceneryMGR - (P3Dv4) Add-On.xml shown in wrong order
[BUGFIX] AddOnXml - (P3Dv4) Fixed issue that path detection incorrect
[BUGFIX] MakeRwys - (P3Dv4) Create MakeRwys_Scenery.cfg fixed
[BUGFIX] SceneryMGR - (P3Dv4) Scenery Order wrong if using add-on.xml based sceneries
[BUGFIX] SceneryMGR - (P3Dv4) SceneryMGR shows Active if older fragment in Scenery CfgSet found
[BUGFIX] SceneryMGR - (P3Dv4) Spelling issue "Insert below"
[CHANGED] MakeRwys - (P3Dv4) Enhanced logging for Create MakeRwys_Scenery.cfg

--- 14.02.2018 - v1.6.9
[FEATURE] P3Dv4 - Compatible with P3Dv4.2
[CHANGED] General - Use a copy of scenery.cfg before set all Active=True
[CHANGED] General - Airport Export logging optimized
[BUGFIX] Platformdialog - Wrong behavior
[BUGFIX] AddOnXml - (P3Dv4) Window does not resize correct
[BUGFIX] SceneryConfig - (P3Dv4) Scenery is "disabled" if older fragment in Scenery CfgSet found
[BUGFIX] Startposition - AddOn Airports detection issue
[BUGFIX] Profiles - Profiles stay in wrong color
[BUGFIX] MAKERWYS - File not replaced if newer version found

--- 03.02.2018 - v1.6.8
[FEATURE] GoogleEarth - Google Earth Export Airports: added available Runways in KML file (including ILS information)
[FEATURE] Scenery - (P3Dv4) New Dialog (Tools > Switch scenery.cfg in 3rd Party Mode)to create a scenery.cfg containing all add-on.xml scenery
[CHANGED] AddOnXml - (P3Dv4) Relative path "." will be replaced by the complete path of the add-on
[CHANGED] AddOnXml - (P3Dv4) All tabs are using the same Font
[CHANGED] AddOnXml - Startposition Dialog use all filters if "Add-On Airports only" has been checked
[BUGFIX] SunEffect - (P3Dv3.4) suneffect.cfg has wrong file encoding (UNICODE instead of UTF8)
[BUGFIX] AddOnXml - (P3Dv4) If the add-on.xml is not SDK compliant SIMstarter did not select the right category in some cases
[BUGFIX] AddOnXml - (P3Dv4) Adding a new add-on.xml can cause file access issue
[BUGFIX] AddOnXml - (P3Dv4) Changing Category settings does not affect the add-on.xml
[BUGFIX] General - Strange behavior if [ and ] characters are used within filenames
[BUGFIX] Saved Flights - Solved issue when a saved flight contains a flight plan that does not exist any more

--- 22.01.2018 - v1.6.7
[BUGFIX] SceneryMGR - (P3Dv4) If a Scenery is based on add-on.xml file which contains multiple categories "Scenery" only the complete file including all Sceneries can be disabled/enabled
[BUGFIX] SceneryMGR - (P3Dv4) Scenery Overview used from color if entry is based on add-on.xml
[BUGFIX] SceneryMGR - (P3Dv4) Color code does not match in some cases
[CHANGED] AddOnXml - (P3Dv4) Please Wait Banner added if many add-on.xml
[CHANGED] AddOnXml - (P3Dv4) Only shows files that are part of the add-ons.cfg files (former read PREPAR3D v4 Add-Ons in addition) to save performance if many add-ons are in use

--- 14.01.2018 - v1.6.6
[BUGFIX] AddOnXml - (P3Dv4) Adaptive logic does not work when using more then one SceneryConfig Sets and add-on.xml
[BUGFIX] SceneryMGR - (P3Dv4) "Run SceneryMGR at Profile start" didn't work with add-on.xml based scenery
[BUGFIX] SceneryMGR - (P3Dv4) Add-On.xml based scenery becomes "light green" instead of "dark green" when reactivating
[BUGFIX] SceneryMGR - (P3Dv4) ScenerySet ConfigManager shows scenery "enabled" while it's disabled by Add-On.xml Manager
[BUGFIX] SceneryMGR - ReadOnly Scenery Items are not allowed to apply to all Scenery ConfigSets

--- 04.01.2018 - v1.6.5.3
[BUGFIX] AddOnXml - (P3Dv4) does not save category "scripts"

--- 03.01.2018 - v1.6.5
[FEATURE] SceneryMGR - (P3Dv4) Scenery Areas from add-on.xml can be disabled from Scenery Manager
[FEATURE] Fileswitcher - "Check all items" checkbox for SwitchSets added
[BUGFIX] ActiveSky - (P3Dv4) Wrong sections have been used. Please go to Active Sky ConfigManager and resave your ConfigSet.
[BUGFIX] ActiveSky - In some cases the historic date has not been parsed correctly
[BUGFIX] DebugPack - Size of DebugPack reduced by excluding 'simCfgBackup' folder
[BUGFIX] Fileswitcher - Unable to switch files if .bgl and .offBySIMstarterNG was available (needed for ORBX GEN/GES)
[BUGFIX] Startposition - Wrong LAT in some cases

--- 12.11.2017 - v1.6.4
[FEATURE] GoogleEarth - Google Earth Export Excludes enhanced. To use them go to Settings > Google Earth Export Settings > Click "Reset" button in lower left corner of the dialog
[BUGFIX] Aircrafts - Auto update has not been disabled in some cases
[BUGFIX] SimConfig - (P3Dv4) Weather Tab had wrong order. Added "Detailed Precipitation" and "Windshield Precipitation Effects"
[BUGFIX] SimConfig - (P3Dv4) BroadcastGPSData option added

--- 29.10.2017 - v1.6.3
[FEATURE] Aircrafts - Auto update aircraft list can be disabled in "Settings" now
[CHANGED] Startposition - ICAO Code is upper case now
[CHANGED] Startposition - City and Country order changed
[CHANGED] GoogleEarth - Export is based on Scheme file now
[CHANGED] Add-On.xml MGR - (P3Dv4) Error handling improved if no add-on.xml exists but part of add-ons.cfg

--- 17.10.2017 - v1.6.2
[BUGFIX] MakeRwys - (P3Dv4) CTD if Scenery has no Layer

--- 17.10.2017 - v1.6.1
[BUGFIX] RunManager - Clicking "Test" causes "file not found" message
[BUGFIX] MakeRwys - Updated MakeRwys to Version
[CHANGED] MakeRwys - Logging improved
[CHANGED] DebugPack - (P3Dv4) Add-On.xml files included

--- 09.10.2017 - v1.6.0
[FEATURE] PREPAR3D v4.1 - Support for PREPAR3D v4.1 added
[BUGFIX] Fileswitcher - A new SwitchSet will be auto saved before switching files
[BUGFIX] Fileswitcher - If a .bgl and .offBySIMstarterNG file exists the file has been shown as green (not the case because there is a .bgl left)

--- 04.10.2017 - v1.5.2
[FEATURE] Profile - (P3Dv4) Position Freeze added
[BUGFIX] General - Setting added to store each SIMstarter NG window position
[BUGFIX] Fileswitcher - Presets for ORBX Germany South changed
[BUGFIX] Startposition - CTD if no start position has been selected and click on okay
[BUGFIX] General - Platformdialog does not work correctly

--- 22.09.2017 - v1.5.1
[FEATURE] SimConfigBackup - Complete new Backup system for SIMstarter NG. Users can create different BackupSets and assign them to a Backup plan
[FEATURE] Startposition - Filter start position based on airline code (based on the AFCAD of the scenery)
[FEATURE] General - (P3Dv4) refreshing airport list creates a file 'scenery.cfg.SIMstarterNG.withAddOnXml' that includes all scenery items from add-on.xml files
[FEATURE] Add-On.xml MGR - (P3Dv4) Ask if SODE\xml or SODE\SimObjects files and folders should be copy to the SODE folder in ProgramData
[FEATURE] SimConfig - (P3Dv3/v4) Moon and Sun Size can be adjusted in 'Tweaks' Tab (suneffect.cfg)
[FEATURE] Fileswitcher - Presets for ORBX Germany South added
[FEATURE] Fileswitcher - Presetlist will be sorted now
[CHANGED] General - SIMstarter NG is showing an info dialog if SIMstarter NG is not started with Administrator Rights
[CHANGED] FSUIPC - Using FSUIPCclient 32/64 bit. Therefore SIMstarter NG is a 64 bit application from now.
[CHANGED] Settings - Path to FTXcentral.exe removed from 3rd party settings (not needed any more)
[CHANGED] Add-On.xml MGR - (P3Dv4) Files won't be automatically corrected with each start. (doesn't affect someone)
[CHANGED] Add-On.xml MGR - (P3Dv4) Using "Categories from directory" will the parent directory name for "scenery" as preset
[CHANGED] SimObjects MGR - Asks if selected SimObject should be removed
[CHANGED] Profiles - "<< FSUIPC NOT FOUND >>" will be displayed in "Flightplan" Dropdown if FSUIPC can't be found
[CHANGED] Fileswitcher - "Hide Presets" CheckBox setting will be saved
[CHANGED] Startposition - SIMstarter NG can be minimized during MAKERWYS process
[BUGFIX] SceneryMGR - (P3Dv4) Moving Scenery items from add-on.xml that have no title SceneryName crashed SIMstarter NG
[BUGFIX] SceneryMGR - CTD if scenery.cfg contains wrong value for "ACTIVE=" (e.g. ture accept true)
[BUGFIX] SceneryMGR - (P3Dv4) Sorting of scenery fixed
[BUGFIX] ActiveSky - (P3Dv4) SIMstarter NG is showing ActiveSky XML error.
[BUGFIX] Profiles - "Use FSUIPC Checkbox" is disabled if FSUIPC is not installed
[BUGFIX] SimObjects MGR - (P3Dv4) wrong numbering of [ENTRY.] if add-on.xml files are active
[BUGFIX] SimConfig - Fixed issue that Changes dialog shows items that have not been changed by user

--- 27.07.2017 - v1.5.0
Important: From this version SIMstarter NG will not longer support ORBX Region Switch. (This does not affect FTXcentral v3)

[FEATURE] P3Dv4 - General compatibility with PREPAR3D v4 (works with FSUIPC5)
[FEATURE] AS P3Dv4 - Compatible with Active Sky 2016 for PREPAR3D v4
[FEATURE] Add-On.xml MGR - (P3Dv4) New Add-On.xml Manager to add, modify or delete Add-On.Xml files
[FEATURE] Add-On CfgSets - (P3Dv4) ConfigSets for Add-On.xml files are available to assign to each profile
[FEATURE] Scenery MGR - (P3Dv4) Shows items of Add-On.xml files. Layers can be changed via GUI.
[FEATURE] SimObjects MGR - (P3Dv4) Shows items of Add-On.xml files
[FEATURE] DLL/EXE.XML MGR - (P3Dv4) Shows items of Add-On.xml files
[FEATURE] ConfigSets - ConfigSets can be automatically sorted (check Program Settings)
[FEATURE] MakeRwys - Includes v4.7.0.0 (ready for P3Dv4)
[FEATURE] SceneryMGR - HTML Export highlights ScenerySpacer for better overview
[FEATURE] SceneryMGR - Import multiple Scenery items from one source path (searching for scenery/texture folders)
[FEATURE] Fileswitcher - SwitchSets can be switched ON and OFF by clicking "Switch files"
[FEATURE] Startposition - Helipads added
[CHANGED] Livery MGR - Livery Import remembers the last selected import path
[CHANGED] Scenery MGR - ScenerySpacer will be stored in SIMstarter NG userprofiles directory (not AddOn Scenery)
[CHANGED] Startposition - Renew AddOn Airport list works together with "Refresh Airports" button
[BUGFIX] GoogleEarth - GoogleEarth not installed dialog comes up every time SIMstarter NG starts
[BUGFIX] SimConfig - Tooltip missing in some cases
[BUGFIX] SimObjects MGR - (FSX/FSX-SE) Dialog crashes if path contains bad character (")

--- 30.03.2017 - v1.4.7
[FEATURE] Profile - Integration of Autogen Configuration Merger by Arno Gerretsen. No restart required any more and popup won't show up. :O)
[FEATURE] Fileswitcher - Preset for Aerosoft Maderia Evolution and FTX Vector to avoid Mesh problems
[FEATURE] CumulusX - SIMstarter NG will automatically import the values for CumulusX into the Master ConfigSet
[CHANGED] Logging - Improved logging for external programs that are used by SIMstarter NG
[BUGFIX] Startposition - (FSX) Dialog crashes if ä,ö,ü are included in Scenery name
[BUGFIX] SimConfig - (P3Dv3.4) Cloud Shadow Cast / Terrain Shadow Cast settings fixed
[BUGFIX] SimConfig - FSUIPC values won't be saved if option is disabled
[BUGFIX] AS 2016 - MinimumVisibilitySM, MaximumVisibilitySM, MaximumUpperVisibilitySM set from max 100 to 200

--- 03.03.2017 - v1.4.6
[FEATURE] AffinityCalc - Affinity Calculator added in Tools and SimConfig Sets
[BUGFIX] SimConfig - (P3Dv3.4) Black Out Desktop was not implemented correctly
[BUGFIX] General - Several program errors and malfunctions if keyboard layout is turkish
[BUGFIX] License - License error in some special cases after upgrading to 1.4.5

--- 19.02.2017 - v1.4.5
[FEATURE] General - Compatible with FlyInside (Virtual reality software)
[FEATURE] Profile - Start Scenery Manager at Profilestart for last changes on scenery.cfg file
[FEATURE] SimConfig - FSUIPC - Added WideServer Control
[FEATURE] AS 2016 - "Simulator Depiction Options" settings added
[FEATURE] Programsettings - Path to sim.exe is customizable. This allows using of programs like for example FlyInsideP3D.exe
[FEATURE] Manuals - Manuals DE/EN updated to revision 10
[FEATURE] SimConfig - (P3Dv3.4 > HF2 only) MAX_VC_TEXTURE_RESOLUTION has been added in Tweaks Tab
[CHANGED] Startposition - Set aircraft on the runway if you select a runway as starting point (HDG is correct then)
[CHANGED] GoogleEarth - Export dialog optimized
[CHANGED] Programsettings - Filevalidation for platform specific files can be disabled (Advanced Users Only)
[CHANGED] DebugPack - Stores last selected target folder for ZIP-file creation
[BUGFIX] ConfigEditor - CTD in special case (http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/119713-editing-simulator-configuration-manager/)
[BUGFIX] ActiveSky - ConfigSet name will be overwritten in some special cases
[BUGFIX] Startposition - German language issue fixed (Aktualisiere Flughafenliste anstelle von Luftfahrzeugliste)
[BUGFIX] Logging - Translation issues
[BUGFIX] Profile - Hover text of profile label fixed
[BUGFIX] SceneryMGR - Renaming a ConfigSet does not automaticly all the save changes dialog
[BUGFIX] GoogleEarth - GoogleEarth Export Settings dialog shows on wrong position
[BUGFIX] Aircrafts - Aircrafts not found error with turkish language setting (http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/120060-critical-error-no-aircrafts-found-simstarter-ng-terminates/)

--- 10.01.2017 - v1.4.4
[CHANGED] Logging - Notification if more then 500 MB of archived Logfiles are found in .\log\
[CHANGED] LiveryMGR - List of aircrafts will be refreshed in a loop because of korean language. Switched to UNIX timestamp.
[CHANGED] General - Enhanced logging
[BUGFIX] Profile - Simulator ConfigSet shows "" items
[BUGFIX] Languages - In some cases user are getting a language error but the language file still exists
[BUGFIX] Logging - Log rotation includes other ZIP files which makes no sense
[BUGFIX] FSUIPC - ConfigSet is showing the wrong values
[BUGFIX] SimConfig - Deleting *_FSUIPCINI.cfg too if a SimConfigSet will be deleted

--- 31.12.2017 - v1.4.3
[FEATURE] FSUIPC - Some settings of FSUIPC (Traffic Limiter) are available within the Simulator ConfigSets (FSUIPC >= v4.9.5.9 must be installed)
[FEATURE] SimConfig - Export SimConfig Sets into an HTML file
[FEATURE] ActiveSky - Export ActiveSky Config Sets into an HTML file
[FEATURE] Shortcuts - Open GoogleEarth Export files without creating new ones
[FEATURE] Profiles - Can be sorted alphabeticly (Programsettings > Automatic sort profiles)
[CHANGED] GoogleEarth - Exclusion folders for FTX Norway, England and Scotland added
[CHANGED] SceneryMGR - HTML Export improved
[CHANGED] XML-Manager - Indicates if entries have wrong file extention
[CHANGED] XML-Manager - Creating Backups before writing the file
[BUGFIX] XML-Manager - Using wrong XML-File location if you switch between DLL.XML and EXE.XML
[BUGFIX] Fileswitcher - Wrong file count when selecting a Preset
[BUGFIX] SimConfig - Values are not shown correctly (moved v1.4.2 to v1.4.3)

--- 31.12.2017 - v1.4.2 Version replaced by 1.4.3

--- 20.12.2016 - v1.4.1
[FEATURE] Profiles - Select controler configuration file via Dropdown (Extended Profile Settings > Other Options)
[FEATURE] Tools - "Clear Facilities/Scenery Indexes" function implemented to delete %ProgData%\%SIM%\Facilities and .\SceneryIndexes
[CHANGED] SceneryMGR - Dialog stores the last selected scenery path for easier adding multiple parts of a scenery
[BUGFIX] DLL/EXE.XML - Malformated XML Files does not crash SIMstarter NG at program startup
[BUGFIX] GoogleEarth - Exclude Path/ICAO are reset to default (not saving custom settings)
[BUGFIX] DebugPack - ProgData\DLL.XML and EXE.XML are included
[BUGFIX] GoogleEarth - Export path settings can't be set to a different location then default
[BUGFIX] Program - In some cases SIMstarter NG does not load settings template in the right way

--- 01.12.2016 - v1.4.0
[FEATURE] Startposition - Option to show Addon Airports only
[FEATURE] Fileswitcher - Switching files on/off. Especial for .BGL files. Fast and easy renaming of the file extention.
Including Presets of FTX GEN Germany, Simmershome, e.g.
[FEATURE] DLL/EXE.XML - (P3D only) Handling of both files (in ProgData and AppData) is possible now
[FEATURE] DLL/EXE.XML - AddOn Path will be validated now. Missing files will be marked red.
[FEATURE] GoogleEarth - GoogleEarth Settings can be reset to defaults. New reset button implemented.
[FEATURE] Profiles - Path of the Flightplans can be changed in Program settings now
[FEATURE] RunManager - Single RunItems can be disabled by Checkbox. They won't be started then.
[FEATURE] RunManager - Added in Fileoperation. Possible to copy all files/subdirectories to a target folder
[FEATURE] RunManager - Path will be validated now. Missing files will be marked red
[FEATURE] RunManager - "Test" function for selected RunList Item
[FEATURE] SimObjects MGR - Path will be validated now. Missing folders will be marked red
[CHANGED] GoogleEarth - Export Settings will be stored platform specific. They won't be overwritten with the next NG update any more.
[CHANGED] XML-Manager - Clicking of Path Textbox opens file Dialog (much easier)
[CHANGED] MakeRwys - Water runways are showed as well
[CHANGED] ORBX - FTX Central V3 will be detected. ORBX Options of SIMstarter NG will be deactived in this case.
[BUGFIX] SimConfig - (P3D) wrong steps for MSAA setting (0,2,4,8 instead of 0,2,6,8)
[BUGFIX] SimConfig - (P3D) "BlackOut Desktop" hat wrong values
[BUGFIX] SceneryMGR - Remove a scenery shows wrong dialig (Yes, No is missing)
[BUGFIX] SceneryMGR - (FSX-SE) Path error if a native DLC Scenery has been installed
[BUGFIX] Profiles - UTC checkbox loses checked state after reloading a profile
[BUGFIX] Profiles - System Time checkbox did not work properly
[BUGFIX] RunManager - Changes are saved at the wrong cfgSet Title
[BUGFIX] RunManager - Save ConfigSet show a dialog
[BUGFIX] Startposition - Shows more Runways then available for the selected airport

--- 27.09.2016 - v1.3.0
[FEATURE] PREPAR3D v3.4 - Support of PREPAR3D v3.4
[FEATURE] ActiveSky 16 - Integration of Active Sky 2016
[FEATURE] ActiveSky - Kill program automaticly if AutoRun has been selected
[FEATURE] Profiles - Load newest Flightplan. Searches for the newest saved .pln file and loads it to the simulator
[FEATURE] Profiles - Select System time or UTC time
[FEATURE] SimConfig - Added "Enable Controllers" from Controls tab
[FEATURE] AES - (FSX/FSX-SE only) Support AutoResync of Airport Enhancement Services (AES)
[FEATURE] RefreshAirports - New menu item to force the Airport Synchronisation (makeRwys.exe)
[FEATURE] Metar/TAF - URL is now customizable (in program settings)
[FEATURE] Updater - Improved Updater (makes further platform updates much easier)
[CHANGE] Programsettings - Structure of the program settings has been changed
[CHANGE] DebugPack - Display a information banner that the debug pack will be created
[CHANGE] General - Saves "blank line" to seperate sections
[BUGFIX] DesktopShortcut - Remove bad characters from profile name before creating the shortcut
[BUGFIX] SimConfig - P3Dv3.3 language error "EnableGesture" for GERMAN users :O)
[BUGFIX] SimConfig - "UseGlobalTerrainView" had wrong Section [SCENERY] instead of [TERRAIN] (for P3Dv2.4 - P3Dv3.3 users)
[BUGFIX] SceneryMGR - Add scenery causes NG to crash if AREA is without TITLE (very special case)
[BUGFIX] SimConfig - Value 4012 instead of 4096
[BUGFIX] Metar/TAF - Wrong ICAO causes dialog to crash

--- 14.06.2016 - v1.2.0
[CHANGE] ORBX - Compatible with v2.1 of FTXcentral. Region switch will be disabled automaticly. Autodetection of migrated regions.
[FEATURE] P3Dv3 - Compatible with v3.3 of PREPAR3D
[BUGFIX] SceneryMGR - Clicking "Save" at "SceneryManager" Tab causes NG to crash
[CHANGE] SceneryMGR - Duplicate titles will be found to ensure NG is working correct

--- 30.05.2016 - v1.1.1
[FEATURE] LiveryManager - Shows ATC_ID below the Livery Thumbnail
[BUGFIX] SimConfig - Save MasterConfig Set crashes in some special cases (Using // and var=value)
[BUGFIX] General - "Scheme error" at program start
[BUGFIX] Scenery MGR - Adding new sceneries does not cause NG to detect them as "new"

--- 08.05.2016 - v1.1.0
[FEATURE] CleanDesk - Start and Stop Scripts implemented
[BUGFIX] RunManager - Fileoperation did not allowed to select a directory.
[BUGFIX] Profiles - Using External scenery.cfg caused the GUI to crash.
[BUGFIX] SimConfig MGR - Using // at the ConfigSets cause the Program to crash.
[BUGFIX] LiveryManager - Show maximum 30 Liveries per aircraft
[BUGFIX] CleanDesk - Window resizing
[BUGFIX] SimConfig MGR - ASLAT wrong default value (only if you reset to default)
[BUGFIX] SimConfig MGR - "Autotrim" setting reversed
[BUGFIX] SimConfig MGR - "Enable Automixture" setting reversed
[BUGFIX] GoogleEarth - Pro Version not found
[BUGFIX] Fileoperation - Modify file operations did not work
[BUGFIX] General - SIMstarter NG CTD on startup
[BUGFIX] Profiles - Startposition does not show if saved flight is selected (caused strange starting position)
[BUGFIX] Profiles - ORBX New Zealand Region not found
[BUGFIX] ASN Settings - Configuration is saving "---" and empty values which can cause strange ASN behavior
[BUGFIX] Startposition - Bad characters causing dialog to crash
[BUGFIX] DiffManager - Does not assign to every selected ConfigSet
[BUGFIX] SceneryManager - Click "Cancel" save dialog cause it to crash
[BUGFIX] Profiles - UseSystemeTime reset if saved flight selected
[BUGFIX] ActiveSkyNext - Path settings for ASN-SE mismatch. ASN options are disabled in this case. (Only if you bought ASN inside Steam)

--- 14.04.2016 - v1.0.3
[BUGFIX] SceneryManager - In some cases clicking "Description" and "Required" caused the Manager to crash after reopen.
[BUGFIX] GoogleEarth - Exclude path settings for GoogleEarth Export did not work properly.
[BUGFIX] SceneryManager - Clicking the Description tab header and saving changes will cause a strange Area priority.
[BUGFIX] Platformdialog - In some cases the simulator path was not automaticly detected.
[BUGFIX] P3Dv3 FXML - Some saved flights caused "Malformated XML file" if you are using different situation settings.
[BUGFIX] ASN Manager - Spelling mistakes
[BUGFIX] SimConfig MGR - Spelling mistakes (german language)
[BUGFIX] Startposition - Program crashes if runways.xml is faulty. Crash behavior changed.
[BUGFIX] Update - Don't check for internet connection if "Check for updates" is disabled.
[CHANGED] DebugPack - Archived logfiles

--- 08.04.2016 - v1.0.2
[BUGFIX] MigrationTool - The migration tool copied all files to .\data\userprofiles\P3Dv3.1 correct path is ..\P3Dv3

--- 07.04.2016 - v1.0.1
[BUGFIX] General - Some users had problems with the software activation which is solved now

--- 06.04.2016 - v1.0.0
[ADDED] General - Initial Version of SIMstarter NG